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I am so grateful for your support. Now the work begins.


LAPS School Board Candidate for District 3

Lauren Coupland has lived in Los Alamos with her family for 10 years.  She has been continuously active in serving the community though her work with Family Strengths Network, Los Alamos Jewish Center, Aspen PTO, and the MISS Foundation Grief support group.  



Access and Inclusion

Access and inclusion should be at the forefront of of every plan and decision. Ms. Coupland aims to create  tools that prioritize inclusivity and accessibility for all students, at all events, by making accessibility a foundational part of every plan.


Equality is giving everyone a shoe. Equity is giving everyone a shoe that fits. Ms. Coupland is dedicated to equity in the classroom. By examining biases without judgement and valuing the experiences of all staff, students and families, we can help each student get what they need.  


Modern communication is constantly evolving and traditional modes of communication have left some parents in the dark. Ms. Coupland is dedicated to exploring the most effective means of communication to reach modern parents and keep them better informed and engaged. 


We're better together. Ms. Coupland believes enhancing stakeholder communication will  support more meaningful collaborations between parents, students, and teachers. Each unique perspective is key to LAPS success. 

 Institutional Memory

Teachers shouldn't have to reinvent the wheel each year. Ms. Coupland is dedicated to optimizing procedures, policies, and checklists to streamline workflows and reduce teacher burdens.


Equality extends to the calendar. The culture of minorities must be treated with equal deference and respect. Ms. Coupland is committed to ensuring that all major Holy Days and Feast Days are considered for planning  test days and events.

"Lauren Coupland is a strong advocate for an equitable and accessible education for every student."

Katie Belobrajdic

Jar of Coins


Donate to help elect Ms. Coupland to the LAPS school board! Your donation will support campaign materials and events, ensuring that her message reaches as many people as possible. Donations are secure and can be made via ActBlue. Thank you for your support

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